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Anniversary Wishes For Sister

Friends, today we have written anniversary wishes for sister, every year the anniversary of the sister with her husband keeps coming. But we are not able to give them some good messages by writing them. That is why we have written a very good anniversary wishes for a sister to help you all.

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Anniversary Wishes For Sister

May this bond of faith remain like this the ocean of love flow in your life like this blessings be filled with happiness and prosperity from the Lord, many wishes for your wedding anniversary Behna.

This bond of love, tied with seven rounds, is bound like this for life, no one can see your love and you keep celebrating the anniversary every year.

May your life shine brightly like the moon stars, may your life be fill with happiness, many happy wedding anniversary sister.

As long as the sun is the moon let there be happiness in your life many wishes to you on the wedding anniversary.

May your relationship remain like this for many births, happiness is fill with new colors in your life every day, dua hai, your relationship with God will remain intact, many happy wedding anniversaries.

May it continue to rain love in your life, blessing the one above, both of them keep driving the car of life like this, happy wedding anniversary sister.

Happy anniversary, may this day satisfies you with an everlasting love and fills you with joy and old precious and sweet memories.

May your life be illuminated like a lamp, hope the god is with your pair and we keep wishing you an anniversary every year.

Keep going from morning to evening, keep the train of your life running like this, love in your relationship, happy wedding anniversary.

May the two of you never leave never pray with each other let us keep this relationship for seven years never miss happiness, many happy wedding anniversaries.

From Gagar to Sagar, from love to faith, be happy with your couple for the rest of your life, with the wedding anniversary with this blessing.

Wedding Anniversary Greetings

Anniversary Wishes For Sister

Every moment, every day is a day of happiness, your pair will never break, your family should remain, so may God bless you. Happy Marriage Anniversary

This pair is not even beautiful than flowers, I pray to god, a moment of love for a couple, happy wedding anniversary dear behna.

Keep the bond of love like this, keep the trust of your partner, live with you on every journey for all your life, and with the wedding anniversary with this wish.

Happy Anniversary to my sweetest sister, I want to send you all my love and many hugs and kisses through this message.

Every day be with you every moment, everything in life should be with you, every moment of love should be with you, wish you a happy wedding anniversary sister.

Never be weak, the bond of love should never be weak, may your couple stay for years, many wedding anniversary greetings.

You are the first ray of life, you are with seven births, you are the foundation of faith, wish you a happy wedding anniversary.

Never smile away from your face, God bless you every wish, never be angry with each other, happy wedding anniversary.

Dear Sister, Your relationship is as if the confluence of two rivers, Mars remain in your life every day, this bond of love and trust should remain like this, we wish the wedding anniversary well.

May your couple live like this, every dream come true, always be happy dua, Happy wedding anniversary to you.

It was my duty to take care of you after my parents, but then after your marriage, this duty went to your husband, I am happy that he is good.

Happy Anniversary Wishes, Quotes

You are the solution to every problem, you are out of every season, you are the essence of my life, you are happy first wedding anniversary.

On the wedding anniversary, congratulate you wholeheartedly, because very few people like you happen in the world, auspicious anniversary. Happy Wedding Anniversary !!

Congratulations sister and lots of best wishes on the wedding anniversary, you get a lot of successes in life, wishing God to bring you happiness and prosperity.

Happy wedding anniversary sister…. May your life be as happy and beautiful as this, the Ganges of love flow in your relationship like this.

The rupture of the broken hands is called mehndi, the relationship that is formed with seven rounds is called marriage, the foundation of faith and love is called life partner, congratulations on the wedding anniversary and Many best wishes.

May your life be more beautiful than heaven, your life is scent with the fragrance of flowers, live life with such a couple, with this blessing on the wedding anniversary.

God has made your pair such as parrot-myna, flowers in the garden and the confluence of rivers, just like you kept singing the life of a couple together, with the best wishes for the wedding anniversary.

Your relationship is deeper than the ocean, your relationship is higher than the sky, dua hai, your relationship with God should be as if love is identified, your relationship, happy wedding anniversary.

Dear Sis, On your wedding anniversary, we wish you all the best, stay with you both in this way, happiness in your life and family.

At the top of the sky, stay down below, stay with your partner every moment, keep happiness in the house, with this, happy wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Status For WhatsApp

Anniversary Wishes For Sister

Congratulations on the wedding anniversary and all the best wishes, May the bond of two hearts stronger, each wish of yours be accepted.

Whenever I see you both happy, it really satisfies my soul and me that I made a good decision by making your marriage.

Hope on this wedding anniversary is ours, the relationship of these seven friends should be deep for seven births, neither you ever get angry nor sometimes you get angry, a little tip and lots of love.

May you be love more, may you identify the sacred relationship, be the name that celebrates the marriage, wish you a happy wedding anniversary dear sister.

May your couple be happy, live in your home happily, no sorrow in your life, happy wedding anniversary to both of you.

The second sense of surrender is your relationship, the unique saga of faith in your relationship, the example of love is your relationship, lots of wedding anniversary wishes. Happy Marriage Anniversary Sister.

Do not break such a relationship even with a break, you should come to your house courtyard and play this relationship with confidence, wish you a happy wedding anniversary.

You are the love of the first sight, you are the secret of light even in the darkness, you are the breath of every heartbeat, Happy wedding anniversary sister.

Every dream is complete in your eyes, whatever you wish in your path, every streak of luck is in your hands, happy wedding day.

Anniversary is a great day for any couple and if my sister is happy on this day, it means she is having a good time with her soul mate.


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